Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 | 6:00PM - 7:30PM @ Zip’s Pub at Cranmore Mountain

Sense of Place: Recreating in a Changing Climate

Sense of Place Speaker Series (Forum 5)

Decades of local weather data show clear trends of declining snowpack, warming winter air temperatures, increases in annual precipitation, and increases in large rain events. How are these current climate trends, which are expected to continue, affecting outdoor recreation and the growing outdoor recreation economy in the Mount Washington Valley? How are trails and trail infrastructure being affected and how are user groups and land managers mitigating the challenges of climate change? Join this forum for a discussion with ecologists, climate scientists, local business owners, and user groups about the local impacts of climate change and what actions we can all take.

Speakers include:

AMC Director of Research Sara Nelson

USFS Hubbard Brook’s Lead Investigator Lindsey Rustad

Cranmore Mountain Resort General Manager Ben Wilcox.

*FREE ADMISSION* Click here to register.

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