Photo courtesy of Mike Dana

The Pine Hill Expansion Project

The Upper Saco Valley Land Trust is working to purchase a 134-acre addition to the beloved, existing 460-acre Pine Hill Community Forest in Conway. This project presents an opportunity to significantly expand and improve access and trail networks at the Community Forest.


Our purchase of the Pine Hill Expansion property will expand the Community Forest in size by 30% to a total of 593 acres. The property is 100% forested and undeveloped. Its shape fills in a missing "puzzle piece" of land on the existing Community Forest. Adding in this piece of land will significantly improve the protection of habitat for plant and animal species and will greatly enhance the Community Forest's opportunities for outdoor education, transportation, and recreation.

The Pine Hill Community Forest is managed to balance ecological and social values for the long-term benefit of the natural and human communities in the Mount Washington Valley. Management decisions are made by the Pine Hill Management Committee, a multi-stakeholder group. The committee works to protect the natural resources of the forest while also providing recreation and educational opportunities for residents and visitors to the Mount Washington Valley. Members of the management committee include Tin Mountain Conservation Center, Mountain Meadow Riders Snowmobile Club, Kennett High School & The Conway School District, The Mount Washington Valley Trails Association & Rec Path Committee, and the Town of Conway.

This project has great significance for the Mount Washington Valley commercial and residential regions, which are under high development pressure. The Pine Hill Expansion Property will help create a nearly 600-acre conservation block that will be managed as a working forest for its wildlife habitat and public recreation values.  In addition, USVLT’s purchase of this land will protect:


Click here for a fact sheet about the Pine Hill Community Forest Expansion.