Barrett Conservation Easement

Conservation Easement

December 30, 2004

A conservation easement on the Barrett property protects 98 acres of forest and wetlands, locally known as Hedgehog Hill, in North Chatham. One of the primary reasons that the Barretts wanted to conserve their land was to preserve public access to the property for future generations.
“Open land is a precious commodity that is fast disappearing even in rural areas like North Chatham. We’ve lived long enough to see our childhood neighborhood and that of our children change from open pastures and small ponds to house lots.
"Sixty years ago I first came to the Cold River Valley and became entranced by the open land, farms and lack of 'no trespassing' signs. In later years my wife, Ingrid, and I brought our children to the Valley to enjoy the river and mountains through AMC Cold River Camp. Finally in 1997 we were able to purchase 96 acres of land that occupied a good portion of Hedgehog Hill adjacent to the White Mountain National Forest. Shortly after that we added another 4 acres. In giving most of this land in easement to USVLT, we believe that all who come to this Valley can forever observe and enjoy at least part of it as it was 60 years ago.”

State(s): NH
Town(s): chatham
Acres: 98
Town Tax Map: 7, Lot: 10/02/18
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