preserving land for community benefit

Land Conservation

Land Conservation


The Upper Saco Valley Land Trust conserves land for farming, forestry, public recreation, scenic enjoyment, and wildlife habitat. We protect land that is rich in natural resources from development by owning and managing land preserves and by holding conservation easements on privately-owned property.

USVLT works across an 11-town service area which includes: 

New Hampshire




Land Preserves

USVLT owns 18 properties within our 11-town service area which we manage as Preserves. To learn more about these properties CLICK HERE. We also accept new preserve lands as donations “in fee” and we are sometimes able to fundraise to purchase additional preserve land. If you are interested in donating or selling land to USVLT for conservation, please contact us.

Conservation Easements

Lands that are rich in natural resource values can be protected from development through interests in land known as conservation easements. USVLT currently holds over 60 conservation easements on privately owned lands all across our service area. These easements protect privately owned land from development and misuse. To learn more about what a conservation easement is and how the process works, see our FAQ document. To learn more about USVLT’s 60+ conservation easements CLICK HERE. USVLT accepts new conservation easements as donations, and we are sometimes able to fundraise to purchase easements for particularly high-natural resource value properties. If you are interested in donating or selling a conservation easement to USVLT, please contact us.