Climbers' Preserve


Public Access

September 14, 2018

The Climbers’ Preserve, located at the bottom of White Horse Ledge and Cathedral Ledge on the town line between Conway and Bartlett, was donated to USVLT in 2018 by Jim Ansara. USVLT partnered with the Access Fund and the Friends of the Ledges to raise the funds for the stewardship endowment for the 9 acre parcel.  By April 2019, the endowment was completed, ensuring the property’s future protection.

Conservation of this key parcel of land guarantees public access for climbers, hikers, mountain bikers and the like, and protects three commonly used trails, including Bryce Path and Bryce Link. The conservation of the Climbers’ Preserve also safeguards the beautiful viewshed seen from both of the ledges. USVLT owns the property in fee, while the Access Fund holds a conservation and recreation easement on the property, so it will be protected in perpetuity. Click HERE to learn more.

State(s): NH
Town(s): bartlett
Acres: 9
Owner: 3
Map: , Lot:
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