Dannies III Conservation Easement

Conservation Easement

December 21, 2017

The Dannies III Conservation Easement was generously donated to the organization by long-time Land Trust supporters, Robert and Priscilla Dannies.  The 77-acre property includes rich historic resources and thousands of feet of natural, undeveloped road frontage on Glines Hill and Bickford Roads in Madison (both designated as scenic roads by the Town).  The property also includes the headwaters of Forrest Brook, which is one of three main tributaries into Silver Lake, and one of the largest sources of aquifer recharge in Madison.  Without the Dannies’ foresight, the water quality of the entire Forrest Brook watershed would be at risk.

Bob and Priscilla Dannies are no strangers to the Land Trust or land conservation. They have previously donated conservation easements to the Land Trust protecting over 100 nearby acres on Glines Hill Road in Madison and Eaton.  “We have enjoyed hiking in NH for many, many years and are happy to do our part to protect the scenic beauty of this area” said Bob and Priscilla. “We truly appreciate all that the Land Trust has done over the years to protect this area as well.”

State(s): NH
Town(s): madison
Acres: 77
Map: 226 & 223, Lot: 8
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