Dundee Easement

Conservation Easement

December 16, 2013

This 236.9-acre conservation easement was given to USVLT by the descendants and relatives of Maxwell and Elizabeth Foster — Joel Horn, Susan McGrath, Robin Foster and Colleen Curran.  An important conservation asset, this property forms part of a large “conservation block” of protected land, which also includes the White Mountain National Forest and 495 acres of land owned by the New England Forestry Foundation.  While mostly wooded, the property also boasts a mix of grassland habitat (16 acres) and wetlands (3 acres), all of which provide for excellent wildlife habitat.  The conservation easement area also includes nearly a mile of river frontage along the East Branch of the Saco River.

In 1940, Maxwell and Elizabeth Foster first visited Jackson in search of a small piece of land along a stream where they could camp.  They fell in love with the “Dundee neighborhood” and began to purchase parcels along Cross Road, gradually adding more property as land became available.  By 1977, they owned 760 acres adjacent to the National Forest.  They then gave much of their land (495 acres) to the New England Forestry Foundation.  The donation of a conservation easement on the remaining land completes the original vision of a protected, undeveloped and cherished landscape.  The Land Trust is grateful to the four owners for the opportunity to help preserve and steward this property into the future.

Although the owners do not currently allow for public access onsite, Tin Mountain Conservation Center educators have used the property as an outdoor classroom for 25 years, in all seasons.

State(s): NH
Town(s): jackson
Acres: 237
Map: R-30, Lot: 1 (part)
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