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December 22, 2021

The 41-acre Eagle Crag Conservation Easement was donated to USVLT by Lorraine Tilney of Jackson. This easement adds to an impressive 280-acre “conservation block,” which includes abutting conservation land managed by the Town of Jackson (also donated by the Tilneys more than 35 years ago). Other protected parcels within this conservation block include the Pepper, Burgess, Highland Farm, and USVLT Harding conservation easements. The addition of the new Eagle Crag Conservation Easement grows this unfragmented habitat block to 322 acres. Many of these properties include river frontage along the Wildcat River, ensuring that one of New Hampshire’s only federally designated Wild and Scenic Rivers will stay that way.

The Eagle Crag Conservation Easement also protects the east side of Eagle Mountain, including a section of the Eagle Mountain Trail and Eagle Crag, a local rock-climbing destination. The protected property includes approximately 6.8 acres of cliff and talus slope habitat – a rare habitat type in New Hampshire that warrants special protection – as well as 24 acres of important forest soils. This easement will also add to the rural character of Carter Notch Road, as it protects views of undeveloped mountainside from the road.

Lorraine Tilney shared, “I am happy to put the conservation easement on the 41 acres abutting our current easement to ensure this beautiful land will remain as it is today in perpetuity.”  

State(s): NH
Town(s): jackson
Acres: 41
Town Tax Map: R12, Lot: 183A
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