Eaton Hills Preserve


Public Access

December 28, 2023

The Eaton Hills Preserve is a 165-acre forested preserve situated between Stewart Rd. and Foss Mtn. Rd. in Eaton, NH. The property boasts impressive views to the north and west and establishes a contiguous block of conservation land that includes USVLT’s Paul Hill Road, and Hill Family Preserves, private lands protected by USVLT held conservation easements, as well as lands and conservation easements held the Town of Eaton, and Green Mountain Conservation Group.

Combining portions of three different original town lots, the Eaton Hills Preserve is crisscrossed with rambling stonewalls that testify to its former segmentation and the hardscrabble farming of the 19th century. Further testimony appears along the steep cart path that links the two town roads, where a tall stone wall shores up the downhill side of a two-bay cellar hole and a tiny burying ground that hosts the graves of three Stuart-family infants – all on a terrace affording a spectacular, panoramic view of the White Mountains.

State(s): NH
Town(s): eaton
Acres: 165
Town Tax Map: Map R-09 Lot 13-0; Map R-09 Lot 21-0; Map R-09 Lot 22-0, Lot:
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