Foss Mountain Project

Conservation Easement

Public Access

March 3, 2011

In 2009, nearly 100 acres next to Eaton’s beloved Foss Mountain went up for sale. The Land Trust and the Eaton Conservation Commission collaborated on a fundraising campaign to take the property off the market. USVLT purchased the property in 2010, and the land was transferred to the Town of Eaton subject to a conservation easement in 2011. The property is now managed by the Eaton Conservation Commission and protected in perpetuity by USVLT. Protection of the property enhances the adjacent 341 acre property owned by the Town of Eaton and preserves its scenic values, important wildlife habitat and productive blueberry fields and forest lands.
“When Madison split from Eaton in 1852, they left the real jewel behind and this town has enjoyed it ever since. Foss Mountain is a unique area with magnificent vistas in all directions. It is important that the mountain be kept undeveloped and open to the public for future generations to enjoy”. – Selectmen, Town of Eaton
Foss Mountain is a real jewel and will remain so for the benefit of present and future generations.

State(s): NH
Town(s): eaton
Acres: 99
Town Tax Map: R-8, Lot: 9, 10
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