Hatches' Orchard Easement

Conservation Easement

September 22, 2017

This well-loved apple orchard is on Brownfield Road in South Conway. Surrounded on three sides by other land in easement with the Land Trust, the Hatches’ Orchard Easement adds 50 acres to an already impressive “block” of conservation land in South Conway. The property fronts on Brownfield Road and includes 28 acres of “highest ranked habitat” in the White Mountain Biological Region, as delineated by the State of New Hampshire.  From the orchard just off of Brownfield Road, the property heads up the side of Dundee Mountain, with incredible views of the Valley from the height of land.

McIntosh, Empires, Northern Spy, Cortlands, and even a few Red Delicious, the Hatches’ apples have been local favorites since they purchased the property in 1971.

Bruce and Elaine had this to add about the preservation of the land that they love: “The transformation and development of the Mount Washington Valley over the decades, from a quiet, idyllic rural area, prompted and urged us to do something to preserve our little piece of heaven for future generations to enjoy.  We hope other landowners comprehend our thinking and consider protecting what is left.”

State(s): NH
Town(s): conway
Acres: 50
Town Tax Map: 283 & 286, Lot: 34
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