Hill Family Preserve


Public Access

August 26, 2020

The Hill Family Preserve consists of 214 acres of pristine forest land along Paul Hill Road in Eaton. This property was purchased in stages by George and Helene Hill starting in 1966, and was gifted to USVLT by the extended Hill family. Abutting other conservation land in the neighborhood, including a parcel already owned by USVLT as well as land owned by Town of Eaton, and proximate to the Foss Mountain parcels, this forestland adds to an impressive “habitat block” and protects existing wildlife corridors. 

“And so we have given away Paul Hill Road.  Better said, we have given back Paul Hill Road.  It has always stayed put, but legally it is now where it belongs, entrusted to a community of forest stewards who have offered to shoulder its safekeeping so that it can serve the community that it lies within and who know best how to draw from and contribute to it,” said George Hill and Sarah Hill. We thank the Hill family for their generosity and vision.

State(s): NH
Town(s): eaton
Acres: 214
Town Tax Map: R09, R08, Lot: 32, 2 & 3
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