Kearsarge Brook Preserve


Public Access

October 19, 2021

The Kearsarge Brook Preserve is a 17.5-acre forested property along Kearsarge Brook in North Conway. This preserve protects approximately 16 acres of mixed coniferous and northern hardwood forest as well as:

  • 1,665 feet of Kearsarge Brook, which is a significant tributary to the Saco River.
  • 1 acre of forested wetlands associated with Kearsarge Brook and its tributaries.
  • Groundwater and surface water quality in the Kearsarge Brook and Saco River watersheds.
  • Public access for low impact recreation, including access to Kearsarge Brook as well as trails for walking, snowshoeing, and skiing.


Project History

In October of 2021, USVLT gratefully received the Kearsarge Brook Preserve as a donation from Dorothy McCulloch, a long-time seasonal resident of the nearby Crown Ridge development. This property was already protected by the McCulloch Conservation Easement, which had been donated to USVLT in 2007 by the McCullochs. The 2021 donation of the land “in fee” means that the land trust now owns the property and can manage it independently as a preserve.

Directions and Map

Coming Soon!

State(s): NH
Town(s): conway
Acres: 17
Town Tax Map: 203, Lot: 40,43
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