Long Island Preserve


Public Access

December 8, 2008

Long Island is a 4-acre forested island in Conway Lake. It was generously donated to the Upper Saco Valley Land Trust by the Conway Lake Conservation Association (CLCA) in 2008. The property was originally donated to the Walker Pond Water Conservation Society, now known as the CLCA, for conservation purposes by Eleanor Gerson in 1990.

At 4 acres, Long Island is the largest island in Conway Lake. It is undeveloped and has high scenic value both from the shoreline and from the lake itself. The island is most commonly used for recreational purposes and in season there is an abundance of blueberry bushes which provide excellent picking and eating for wildlife as well as passing boaters.

The preservation of Long Island protects:

  • 3.7 acres of soils in the highest suitability category (Group 1) for forest products
  • Highbush blueberry, witch hazel, white pine, white birch, red maple, hemlock, red oak, and other vegetation
  • Habitat for wildlife, including a prime loon breeding site on the south side. The Common Loon is considered a threatened species by the NH Fish and Game Department


Access to Long Island is only possible by boat. To access Conway Lake, use the public boat launch operated by the Town of Conway’s Parks and Recreation Department, located at 414 Mill Street in Center Conway. There is on-site parking at the boat launch.  No rope swings, campfires, or other structures are permitted on Long Island. Like all USVLT Preserves, the island is carry-in, carry-out.

State(s): NH
Town(s): conway
Acres: 4
Town Tax Map: 247, Lot: 27
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