Old Blake Farm

Conservation Easement

July 23, 2020

The Old Blake Farm in Brownfield, Maine is a historic 95-acre farm on Old County Road, near the Stone Mountain Art Center. The farm has been owned by four separate families for nearly 50 years. The original Blake Family farmhouse is still on site, having survived the Brownfield Fire of 1947, as is the Blake Neighborhood Cemetery.  Over the decades, the woodlands onsite have been managed sustainably and the conservation easement held by USVLT allows for continued well-managed forestry.  The easement also supports continued agricultural use of the land and maintenance of fields, affording expansive views from Old County Road to the White Mountains in the west.  The donor families’ generosity ensures that this corner of Brownfield will remain bucolic for generations to come. 

The land trust is extremely grateful to the owners of the Old Blake Farm property, who had this to say about conserving their land with us, “From the time we purchased our property 50 years ago, we intended to preserve and conserve the land for wildlife habitat, ecologically sound forest management, and as a retreat and creative gathering place for family and friends. We now believe those long-term goals can best be realized by working with the Upper Saco Valley Trust.” 

State(s): ME
Town(s): brownfield
Acres: 95
Town Tax Map: R14, Lot: 21 & 22
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