Osgood Conservation Easement

Conservation Easement

Public Access

December 30, 2003

Charles and Patricia Osgood partnered with the Land Trust to place a conservation easement on their 16-acre property in Bartlett, N.H., which abuts Merriman State Forest. The property hosts the Mount Washington Valley Ski Touring Association’s Mt. Surprise Trail and the easement protects the watershed of beautiful Eben Abbott Brook. The Osgoods purchased the property to ensure future pedestrian access to Merriman State Forest.

“We have always had access to the mountains on lands people have made available and we would like to do the same for others. It concerns us that with so much land being sold, the avenues and entrances to the mountains and state forests are becoming limited. It is a small return we felt we could do for having the pleasure of living here.” –Charlie Osgood

State(s): NH
Town(s): bartlett
Acres: 16
Map: 4MTSURP, Lot: 051L01
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