Redstone Preserve (Schiavi)


Public Access

August 9, 2019

In August of 2019, USVLT received a three-parcel donation of 94 acres near the historic Redstone Village from John Schiavi (Redstone Properties). The property has a history of multiple use by bikers, hikers, neighborhood dog-walkers and snowmobilers (Corridor 19 crosses it). The land also abuts The Nature Conservancy’s Green Hills Preserve, so permanent ownership by USVLT only made sense. The property is considered “Supporting Landscape” for the rare natural communities just upslope, and it includes portions of the historic Redstone Quarry. The land’s donation also came with a generous stewardship fund contribution toward the property’s long-term management. Public access, historic assets, and natural resources make this property a true conservation gem, checking all the proverbial boxes. USVLT will partner with other area nonprofit groups for the ongoing management of this parcel, to continue responsible public access onsite and shine a light on Redstone’s fascinating history. 

State(s): NH
Town(s): conway
Acres: 94
Owner: 3
Map: , Lot:
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