Simone Preserve


Public Access

December 26, 2012

The 42-acre Simone Preserve was donated to USVLT in 2012 by long-time Jackson resident Tony Simone along with his brothers Eugene and Gerald Simone. We are grateful that the Simone family entrusted USVLT with the long-term preservation of this quiet, forested property along Eagle Mountain Road and Route 16 in Jackson.  The property shares its longest boundary line with the White Mountain National Forest, on the south side of Spruce Mountain. With areas of rich woods, steep slopes and exposed ledges, and many small tributaries of the Ellis River that originate onsite, the property is biologically diverse.  This property was once slated for an 11-house subdivision in the 1980s, so we are thankful for the opportunity to steward this natural-resource-rich property into the future.


  • A downloadable trail map is available HERE.
  • All trails are a work in progress at this time. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve them.
  • The Ledges Trail heads uphill and north toward a large boulder field and open ledges on the south side of Spruce Mountain.
  • The short Tree Rock Loop trail extends off the Ledges Trail and features a few remarkably large glacial erratic boulders.
  • The Loop Trail follows the northern boundary of the preserve through early succession mixed hardwood forest before looping south to rejoin the Ledges Trail.


Use and Guidelines

  • Hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and dog walking are permitted
  • Please keep dogs on leash or voice control
  • ATVs and camping are not permitted on the property
  • Carry-in, carry-out please!


Access and Directions

From Jackson Village, head north on Pinkham Notch Road/NH Route 16 for approximately 1.7 miles. Turn right onto Eagle Mountain Road. The trailhead and small two-car parking area will be on your left, about 350ft east of the intersection with the state road. The new hiking trail begins here and heads north toward a large boulder field and open ledges on the south side of Spruce Mountain where the White Mountain National Forest meets the Simone Preserve. We are working on improvements to the trails and trailhead. Thank you for your patience!




State(s): NH
Town(s): jackson
Acres: 42
Town Tax Map: R12, Lot: 56
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