Simone Preserve


Public Access

December 26, 2012

Long-time Jackson resident Tony Simone, along with his brothers Eugene and Gerald Simone, gave this 42-acre parcel to USVLT for long-term preservation of open space along Eagle Mountain Road and Route 16 in Jackson.  As the property shares its longest boundary line with the White Mountain National Forest, it is an ideal candidate for future recreational use (there are currently no trails onsite, but the public is welcome to explore this land by “bushwhacking” on foot).  With areas of rich woods at the foot of Spruce Mountain, and many small tributaries to the Ellis River that originate onsite, the property is biologically diverse.  As the property was once slated for an 11-house subdivision in the 1980s, we are especially thankful of the opportunity to steward this natural-resource-rich property into the future.

State(s): NH
Town(s): jackson
Acres: 42
Map: R12, Lot: 56
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