December 8, 2023

Trail Partnerships with AMC + AmeriCorps

In July 2023, Greg Bjork USVLT's Land Steward provided AMC's AmeriCorps volunteers opportunity to learn more about other local conservation efforts, with a special focus on community forests. This partnership was recently shared in the AMC Trail Volunteer Programs 2023 Season Report: 

"In the middle of the season, the AmeriCorps crews spent a week on the Pine Hill Community Forest with Greg Bjork of
the Upper Saco Valley Land Trust. Greg taught the crews many forestry techniques, such as tree measuring and bog
mapping. Crews also completed some trail work on the property. Crews cut tread and pulled stumps both by hand and
with a Griphoist. The crews learned a lot from Greg and had a lot of fun."

  • AmeriCorps Hours: 550
  • Accomplishments:
  • 102 Stumps Removed
  • 420 ft. Tread Bench Cut
  • 4 Research Plots Recorded

AMC Trail Volunteer Programs 2023 Season Report

View the report to see photos and learn more; USVLT is featured on page 11.

AMC Trail Volunteers.png