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Partners in Conservation

Saving and caring for the places that make the Valley so special is what we do. Join us in our mission.


When you invest in Upper Saco Valley Land Trust, you are making a commitment to protect the scenic vistas and the natural world that makes the Valley so special. Together, we can protect open spaces for wildlife, clean water, farming & forestry, and exploration! 

We offer two investment models: a traditional, annual support - and - Contribute to Place, an innovative program that offers guests and patrons the opportunity to give a small donation when they make a purchase in a retail setting.

Want to discover businesses who are currently investing in conservation efforts? View our current Partners in Conservation. 


Annual Support

Saco River Level $1000+


Swift River Level $500-$999


Ellis River Level $250-$499

It's easy to become a Business Partner online: just select "Business Partner" from the drop-down menu.


Contribute to Place

Businesses who Contribute to Place offer guests and patrons the opportunity to give a small donation that goes directly to preserving the lands and waters that define our communities and enrich our lives.

How it Works

Guests or customers can make a small contribution to support local land conservation. The donation shows as a voluntary charge on the customer’s bill. Customers can opt out and ask the charge to be removed. Donations are transferred to USVLT for use in community conservation efforts.


Businesses benefit by aligning with a local organization that protects the scenic vistas, clean water, and wildlife habitats that keep the Valley special. Promotional materials, such as retails tags are available.

Contribute to Place partners are recognized with their company logo + name on print materials, in monthly emails and on this website.

Get Started

To learn more or sign up to become a Partner in Conservation or a Contribute to Place Partner, please contact Carissa Milliman at or 603-662-0008.